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Jailbreak , install download cydia

what is cydia download ?

When we make reference to cydia download then we always are going to discuss the software that is constantly utilized and used in the ios that’s (iPhone’s, iPad’s,and  iPod’s operating system). In short, it is a handheld device administration system. It is the software which was produced entirely to be used within the operating system for all of apple’s iPhone’s, and also iPad’s and including iPod’s.

You will find a lot of advantages while using this software, too many to name in fact. The download software is also related to making faster browsing loading times and installing apps and tweaks.

With the aid of this software download can be achieved with your iPad, and apple iPhone’s etc.

cydia iOS 7 jailbreak

In short terms, cydia  is really just a computer program that allows the deployment for third-party software.

Remember, before doing anything you MUST always firstly, without any exception Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or even your iPad.


Then just follow the easy download and installation cydia guide below.



To set up cydia you will have to start and jailbreak your apple iPhone, iPod device or iPad using the very simple jailbreak tools. I personally don’t recommend you to use any of the free websites, to download cydia, namely because these will often contain infections, viruses and malware, and this will most defiantly make your precious iPhone bricked and useless.


You will also have done away with any warranty you may also have!. Or mainly because free cydia programs are just not effective.

What is the download recommendation?.

For the best professional service that utilizes the right cydia programs, and also the correct cydia jailbreak tools, and also by having an instant download application.  click here.

 So how can you install the software?

cydia download

 1. Open the application on your apple iPhone.

2. At the very first time that you will start running cydia is going to be Initializing the file system for the very first time.

cydia download

Cydia will then exit. It can also sometimes reboot and then it will re-start the initial application.

3. Now you’ll be requested, and asked “Who are You?”.The cydia software will now try to work out how the cydia application will eventually communicate with your device according to its selected category.

Select the right category.  This will aid the software to use the correct filters. You will now see a few different options to select from.

1a. User.

2a. Hacker.

3a. cydia Developer.

To move forward just hit Tap number 1 “User”. (This is recommended for most customers) and then hit the cydia download now button.

The download software will look for updates and request that you must definitely update its database. You might even see the progress bar which will start to indicate the “Installing packages”, that will download new packages and its database index.

4. Let cydia run its database index.


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cydia download

cydia download free- tutorial

Cydia for free?

To gain the advantages of cydia running inside your device, you have to first jailbreak your apple product, ( iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. This really is without exception. No matter what you may or may not have read on other web sites and web forums claims, this is actually the fundamental rule that you need to understand.

Jailbreaking your device and running cydia free, will totally rely on your devices firmware number. Each Device has one!  For example it can be as follows: 6.1.2/ or 6.1.3 etc.
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cydia download

Cydia download iPad

An iPad is really a PC tablet, created by Apple, which mixes the functionality of other Apple items, like the Mac laptop, apple iPhone, and iPod device Touch. iPad’s are very lightweight and portable, derive from touch-screen technology, and can include support for Wi-fi compatibility, Bluetooth, and 3rd generation.

Additionally towards the many programs featuring the iPad itself has, the iPad also enables customers to gain access to the Apple Application Store.
Including a multitude of additional programs. However, when the user desires to make the most of the programs supplied by other sources, she or he might need to jailbreak their iPad. 

Click here to jailbreak .

Fact.To jailbreak and run the process is exactly the same as any Apple device, including iPod touch,and iPhone.The important thing is to select the correct ios firmware, that is specifically for the iPad, as this will be different, and as usual selecting the correct firmware jailbreak software to use i.e ios 6.1.2 etc.

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cydia download ios 8

Cydia download IOS 8 new look

The next huge release from Apple won’t be the iPhone 6, though that’s expected this year. Instead, it’ll be iOS eight.
iOS eight is probably going to be released in September , however we’ve got a concept what it’ll seem like already.

If you wish to urge add an IOS eight theme on your iOS seven iPhone, iPod or iPad, ther’s a variety of tweaks you’ll got to transfer to feature a repo for Cydia:

How to Add a Repo to Cydia:

Open Cydia
Tap on Manage
Tap on Sources cydia ios seven
Tap on Edit

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OkSiri cydia tweak must see.

OkSiri is a new download tweak from that can bring always-on voice recognition to iOS.

The tweak makes your device listen for the ‘Ok Siri’ command just like the Moto X listens for the ‘Ok Google’ command.

You can change the keyword from the Settings page and Activator actions can be used to toggle the feature on and off. You can also change the action from launching Siri to doing something else, if you like.

The tweak uses OpenEars for offline keyword detection.

Usage boasting.

The land install the tweak, it isn’t enabled. You should dive inside your Activator settings in addition to set a gesture for the  action (it’s set to some short hold on the house button automatically). This task doesn’t activate Siri, it really enables listening mode.

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Cydia lockscreen

Cydia download lock screen informer tweak released.

The most recent trend for jailbreaking tweaks that try and increase the Lock screen user personal experience, for example IntelliScreenX and Helios, and all the releases of a new Cygnet download called the new Lock Screen Informer.

The tweak will display information and facts entirely on the Lock screen, helping you the problem of opening Notification Center or fully unlocking your device more often than not. Your probably thinking this is such as the Lock Info 7 download tweak we covered the other day, but there are a few notable differences.

Lock Screen Informer has five main sections for the Lock screen: time and the date, weather etc. and also unread messages and something customization widget. The time and date are along with a good morning, and good afternoon etc, etc, message, depending on the period.

The next thunderstorm info is based off of the stock Weather app and it is kept up to date depending on update intervals which is between one minute and ninety minutes.

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Our 3 year anniversary Cydia website site in 30 seconds video

Our site in the beginning, may years ago. We would just like to say thanks for all our support you have shown us, and the many thank you emails, and comments we recieved during these few years. Now we have helped hundreds of people all over the world enjoy and customise their iPhone’s, iPads, and iPods. Thank You



cydia apex 2

Download Apex 2 Update now released in cydia

Apex 2 download may be the sequel towards the original jailbreak tweak, this then let users start to group app icons in folder-like structures.

Apex 2 allows you to group additional sub menu applications into a main app icon. Each sub-application might be seen by performing a simple swipe action, down, or double-tap around the primary icon.

After you download and install Apex 2, via cydia you could start using it straight away.

You will need to do a swipe up or swipe down movement, to see the 4 place holder spots where each sub-application can be used.

(After you perform the finger swipe, just hit the button to remain the best place holder spot, and scroll your, report on installed apps,and select the app of your choosing).

This can be achieved subs in order to achieve the maximum for apps for virtually any one. Read more

polus cydia

Polus the new download cydia tweak

Polus download the innovative center Quick Launch tweak for iOS 7 is accessible straight away on Cydia to transfer. The tweak, permits you to customize varied aspects of the Quick Launch short cuts screen, as well as the quantity of its short cuts, the size, and shape.

You can even assign substance actions to every Quick Launch cut-off, as well as one facet and a tap-and-hold gesture.

This download enables you to try to to attention-grabbing things like assign a tap-and-hold gesture to the Twitter app cut-off so as to launch the compose-new-Tweet sheet. once it involves Polus your solely limit is your imagination. Step within to review our full video walk through of the tweak in action.

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keyboard download

Add a color keyboard download to enhance your device

Sometimes you simply wish to modify up the planning and feel of things, which is what Color Keyboard for iOS seven permits you to try to do. It’s a tweak that’s been out there for a while now, however it was only in the near past updated to join forces with iOS seven.

If you’ve used Color Keyboard within the past few months, then you’ll be intimately be accustomed to the contents of the iOS seven version of the tweak. If you wish to alter up the planning of your keyboard, then Color Keyboard for iOS seven is one in all the simplest tweaks that you just will use.

Once you use the cydia download and put in the tweak, you’ll have to be compelled to get into its preferences found within the stock Settings app. once your in the preferences, you’ll see many panels referring to the assorted aspects of Color Keyboard. At the very top of the preferences lies a kill-switch. modify this permits you to simply disable or enable the tweak, but beware, a re-spring is needed on all changes.

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Cydia download

Must have iPhone Apps 2014

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, there seems to be a helpful app to help people achieve almost anything, and 2014 is no exception to this rule. Apps can help people with tasks, help them find where they are trying to go, and sometimes provide recreation and entertainment to help pass the time while waiting for the next thing they need to go out and get done to come up. Below are some amazing and helpful must have iPhone apps for 2014.

Google Maps
Before a person can go out and accomplish all of their errands around town, it would help to know exactly where it is that they are going. This helpful app used to come with the iPhone, but it now needs to be downloaded separately, and it is worth that small effort to make sure that iPhone users have directions to anywhere ready with a few simple swipes of the screen.
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